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If you are looking for Proof of Identification and/or Proof of Address Requirements for:

    • Existing Deposit Customers Updating Their Currently Registered Address, please click here
    • Executors & Personal Representatives of Deceased Customers, please click here


The lists below outline the types of documentation we are able to accept when you may be requested to provide Proof of Identification and Proof of Address during an application for a new deposit account. You will need to provide us with TWO valid documents, one from each of the lists below. The same document cannot be used to verify both your identity and your address.


Proof of Identification

    • Valid passport, or
    • Valid photo card UK driving license


        • We can accept a (good quality) photo or scan of a valid passport or valid photo card UK driving license sent via email to
        • For passports, please ensure all numbers and letters on the bottom of the passport page are visible
        • For security, we ask you NOT to post your original passport or driving license


Proof of Address

We can accept a (good quality) photo, scan or downloaded PDF of a valid Proof of Address document from the list below sent via email to

Please ensure the document includes your full name and full address. Please share the full document and ensure no part of it is cut off, missing, edited, folded, redacted or truncated.

    • Utility statement (including gas, electricity and water), dated within last 6 months
    • Telephone, cable services and satellite TV bills, dated within last 6 months
    • Local authority Council Tax statement, for current tax year
    • Bank or Building Society statement including credit card statements, dated within last 6 months
    • Mortgage statements, dated within last 12 months
    • HM Revenue and Customs notification – tax assessment or statement, dated within last 12 months
    • UCAS acceptance letter (for current students only), dated within last 12 months
    • A Government-issued letter or notification showing full name and address, dated within last 12 months


Alternatively, if you choose to send your documentation in the post, these will need to be either Original or Certified copies. Information on how to certify documents can be found by clicking here.


Manchester Address:

If you choose to send an Original or Certified copy, please post to:

OakNorth Bank plc
6th Floor, Ship Canal House
98 King Street
M2 4WU


Please Note:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept mobile phone bills, TV licenses or P45/P60 documents as acceptable documents for Proof of Identification or Address.

If you have difficulty providing the required documentation or have any questions regarding the submission of Proof of Identification or Address evidence, please send an email to