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The secret to hiring big thinkers in your business? Building values that resonate

Friday August 12th, 2022
Three men sitting together smiling

All businesses are looking for the best talent to help achieve their goals. But when you have employees with an entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll find that it’s not only a case of getting the work done, but also going on to achieve even bigger and better things for your customers. We often joke that our founders […]

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Personal savings

How a Notice Savings Account can boost your savings capability

Friday August 5th, 2022
Positive woman smiling at laptop at desk

The average saver might not be aware of what a Notice Account is, or if they do, they may think they’re too restrictive. But used in the right way, they can be a great tool for keeping your money safe while still able to be accessed in a straightforward way. If you’re looking for an […]

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Industry news

Putting the ‘S’ in ESG – supporting the development of social and affordable housing across the UK

Friday July 29th, 2022
Mother baking with her two children

Our Head of Debt Finance, Ben Barbanel, discusses the housing crisis and the important role lenders such as OakNorth Bank can play in helping to address it. Since OakNorth Bank launched in September 2015, we have lent over £7.5B pounds to businesses across the UK and across a variety of sectors, directly contributing to the […]

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Growing your business

Grow your residential property portfolio with OakNorth’s specialist streamlined finance

Tuesday July 26th, 2022
Colourful houses

The property market moves fast – especially when it comes to residential investments. Despite the precarious economic climate and rising inflation, house prices haven’t plummeted – and aren’t currently showing any signs of doing so just yet. In fact, despite rising inflation, the UK rental market expects to see rising demand according to research from Handelsbanken. […]

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How mentorship helped me – and how it can help you too

Friday July 22nd, 2022
Rishi Khosla sitting

When starting out as an entrepreneur, the only thing that’s guaranteed, no matter what your level of business acumen, is that you are about to embark on a never-ending learning curve.  You’ll encounter challenges and lessons at every step of the way. In my experience, one of the key components to successfully navigating the journey […]

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Industry news

Care industry recruitment and retention: challenges and opportunities

Monday July 11th, 2022

We all know that care is a people intensive sector and staffing is widely considered to be the biggest challenge facing the sector right now. According to a report from Skills for Care, England’s social care workforce will need to increase by 490,000 (29%) by 2035 to about 2.16 million jobs, to deal with the […]

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