Building a sustainable future

The impact we have on our people and partners isn’t just about numbers, it’s about care and stewardship too.

By acting with dignity, integrity and compassion we can be a catalyst for good.

Supporting tomorrow’s generations

Climate change is a global issue, and we all have a part to play in protecting our future.

That’s why environmental sustainability is a key measurement of our success. When we act greener not only do we support our customers and colleagues, we support future generations too.

What we’re doing about our carbon footprint

Since 2019, we’ve been net zero for our Scope 1 carbon emissions, which we own and control, and our Scope 2 carbon emissions, which we contribute to through purchased electricity.

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our owned and controlled emissions. We’re also working closely with our partners and vendors to identify how to address our Scope 3 emissions: those generated by our lending activity or supply chains.

Backing eco-conscious customers

We’re proud to support businesses that are building greener futures and leading sustainable innovation in their industry. 

For example, our business funding has helped Verto Homes, the first housebuilders in the UK to specialise in zero carbon emissions smart homes. We’ve also partnered with Deliciously Ella to support her family-run plant-based food and beverage business.

Taking action with Tech Zero

In June 2021 we became a member of Tech Zero, a committee of tech companies dedicated to reporting on and reducing their carbon emissions. Being part of Tech Zero means accountability for honestly and transparently reporting against our net zero targets.

OakNorth has already achieved net zero for its Scope 1 and 2 emissions, but our target is to become net zero by 2035 for all our emissions, including all Scope 3 from our lending activity and supply chain. The goals we’ve set are ambitious, but we believe with decisive action, we can make the right progress.

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