Smart financing for
the hospitality sector

Drawing on our expertise across real estate and trading businesses, OakNorth is the perfect partner for hospitality firms looking to address a range of funding needs. 

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Business finance built for the hospitality sector

From converting offices into hotels to helping pub operators expand their reach, we’re passionate about bringing hospitality projects to life. Whether it’s a business loan to buy a restaurant or hotel – or renovate an old one, we’ve got years of experience working across acquisitions, refurbishments and other hospitality developments. We’ve helped a wide range of businesses achieve their growth goals, with bespoke debt finance ranging from £250,000 to tens of millions.

Not sure which loan you need? We offer working capital, bridging loans, revolving credit facilities, umbrella facilities and more. Find out which is the right fit for you in our guide to UK business loans.

No off-the-shelf solutions – just fast finance built for entrepreneurs

Financing hospitality from end-to-end

When you need one loan to acquire and develop a site and then another facility to operate it, things can get complex quickly. 

We design our offering around your needs, so you can buy, develop and operate all under one facility.

Backing transformative projects

If you want to expand your portfolio of hospitality businesses, it’s vital to find a partner with a strong track record of financing transformative projects. 

We have years of experience helping operators upgrade their existing properties, along with providing the resources to acquire, refurbish and convert others.

Multiple possibilities under one umbrella

We know that developments in the hospitality sector rarely start and end with a single project. 

That’s why we provide umbrella facilities to support repeat development projects and the acquisition of new assets to add to your existing portfolio. 

Flexible security packages

Our granular understanding of each business means we can identify potential for growth, then create personalised terms to reflect your trajectory. 

As a result, we’re not tied to rigid security packages – and we can work to build a loan structure that makes sense for your business. 

How are we making a difference?

We’re interested in projects that have real impact. From reimagining iconic landmarks to transforming local areas, we’ve partnered with some of the best and brightest in the UK hospitality industry to create developments that last. 

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Tailored finance to help your hospitality business grow

We’re entrepreneurs at heart, so we build our hospitality loans with business owners front and centre. That means no inflexible and inefficient finance facilities, no-time wasting, and no ambiguity. Just straightforward funding without giving up equity.


Get funded faster

When you find the perfect place for your next pub, hotel or restaurant development, being held up by your bank can be frustrating.

With OakNorth, funds can be with you in a matter of weeks, so you can get started on your project without delay.  

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We were impressed by the pragmatic manner and speed in which the team operated, which is not like anything we’ve experienced with other lenders.
Paul Vezolles, Founder & President of Chatham Park Development


Tailor your finance to your future

Although you might begin with a property development or an acquisition, projects in the hospitality space are likely to progress into other activities that require funding too.

With OakNorth’s bespoke facilities you can steer clear of all the issues that come with project-by-project financing. 

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The team at OakNorth were able to put together a bespoke deal structure, enabling us to acquire the site and develop the new hotel all under one facility. This has saved us a huge amount of time and hassle.
Daren Burney, Founder & Managing Director of Burney Group


Meet key decision makers

We don’t make decisions based on outdated financials or hide behind credit teams.

With OakNorth, you can speak directly to all the key decision makers and if you’re borrowing over a certain amount, you can even meet our Credit Committee.

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We have very much enjoyed OakNorth’s entrepreneurial approach, from speaking directly with their Credit Committee to the speed at which they were able to deliver the financing package, as a result of direct access to decision makers.
Al-Karim Nathoo, Managing Director, 4C Hotel Group


Reach success with the right people

OakNorth is a bank founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Everything is rooted in this business mindset, so we know what it takes to help determined hospitality operators thrive.  

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We found their entrepreneurial and commercial approach refreshing, and appreciated the time they took to understand our business. There were no off-the-shelf solutions or computer-says-no decisions.
Haim Danous, Director of Thai Square Hotels

The team at OakNorth were able to put together a single facility that captures both the acquisition and refurbishment of the hotel, allowing us to focus on the repositioning of the assets, and move quickly without interruption.

Fabio Longo, Managing Director at Bain Capital Credit

In some ways securing funding from OakNorth was similar to the process with traditional lenders, while in other ways it was refreshingly different. They asked for detailed financial information, both historic and forward-looking, and the lending decisions were committee-based. The most notable differences were speed, transparency and a personalised service.

Anthony Perring, former CFO of LEON

This standby capital gives us the flexibility to focus on our wider business, to support our hardworking tenant partners and to safeguard our business for the long-term. We are fortunate to have a trusted lender and partner that understands the requirements of our business, like OakNorth.

Mark Grunnell, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Red Oak Taverns

We were given the option to acquire a freehold and agreed on the price a year ago. However, in order to ensure we could go ahead, we needed to move quickly so appreciated the speed, efficiency, and responsiveness of the OakNorth team.

Nikki Kooner, Finance Director at Old Northampton Group

Fund your next move today

If you have a clear vision for growth in the hospitality sector, we can make it happen. Speak to a member of our team and we’ll help you kickstart your next move. 

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Case studies


Bespoke finance to restore London’s historic 15 Old Bailey

Monday February 7th, 2022

A leading property business founded by entrepreneur Alex Shamas and joint venture partner Boscalt Hospitality needed an experienced partner to support its next project: converting one of London’s most famous landmarks.

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Supporting a leading tenanted and free of tie pub provider in acquiring new sites

Monday February 7th, 2022

Since its launch in 2011, Red Oak Taverns has invested heavily in its pubs and offered flexible terms to its tenant partners.

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The cost of your loan is based on what kind of borrower you are, or your risk profile, which depends on factors like credit history, industry sector and more. We focus on speed, flexibility and competitive terms over price.

Unlike many other high street banks, we won’t make you transfer your business banking over to us, so you can apply for a loan quickly and easily.

Depending on factors like your business’ risk profile and what you need the funding for, we can provide amortising loans, where you gradually pay off your debt with regular payments, as well as non-amortising loans, where you pay off the loan in a lump sum.

Our team will ask you about your requirements, then work with you to design something truly bespoke – so you can acquire and refurbish a site all under one facility, for example. 

We have years of experience helping businesses avoid the pitfalls of project-by-project financing. Our umbrella facilities allow for multiple projects and the acquisition of new assets, so you can deliver projects more quickly and reduce costs. 

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