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Director and Co-Founder

1. You were just in your 20s when you co-founded Adventure Bar – what inspired you to do this?

I wanted a job that I couldn’t be fired from, and greed mostly.

2. What has been the game-changing moment in your career so far?

The first bar was probably the biggest, then the opening of Covent Garden – doubling the size and tripling the profitability of the company.

3. What has been the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome so far?

The usual – running out of money, learning not to terrorise and want to murder your business partners, turning around poor venues…

4. Adventure Bar has sites in Covent Garden, Clapham Junction, and Clapham High Street – where are you hoping to open next?

Waterloo is imminent

5. What was your thinking behind The Escapologist which follows a different concept to Adventure Bar?

We wanted to create a more compelling proposition, we felt it would drive more footfall to a slightly off-pitch location.

6. Who would you say is your typical customer?

Between 22-35 years old, weekend rock stars and post-work drinkers.

7. What are your future plans for the business?

More bars…probably world domination.

8. What is your advice for budding entrepreneurs, particularly in the restaurant and bar sector?

Get a lean model, spend as little cash as you can and love what you do. It’s a vicious journey – if you don’t love it, it will eat you alive.

9. Which entrepreneur/s do you admire most and why?

Currently in our sector, the Meat Liquor guys (Scott Collins and Yianni Papoutsis), Be At One guys (Steve Locke, Leigh Miller and Rhys Oldfield), Loungers guys (Alex Reilley, Jake Bishop and Dave Reid), the Cleaverly’s, and the legends such as Luke Johnson. Mostly folk that have run businesses with a point to them. People like Seth Godin, Tim Ferris – in particulat his later stuff around his books. Obviously you can roll out the big guns – the Richard Branson’s, Henry Ford’s, Bill Gates, etc. people that have fundamentally disrupted things.

10. Finally, a bit of fun – please can you tell us your favourite app, book and holiday destination?

I don’t really use a phone much for anything other than audiobooks and phone calls.

My favourite holiday destination is my grandmother’s farm in northwest Yorkshire. The Forest of Bowland is the most beautiful place in the country.

Favourite book – The adventures of Cavalier & Klay.