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Chief Investment Officer

1. RMDL’s portfolio consists of 23 loans across a range of sectors from advertising, healthcare and insurance, to renewable energy, food and student accommodation. How do you manage such a diverse portfolio?


We have an investment team that specialises in the sectors in the portfolio and we also operate shadow coverage so we always have two analysts with expertise in any one sector.


2. Are there any sectors you’re looking at investing in this year that you haven’t done before?


We are cautious for 2018 and would prefer to increase our exposure in sectors we already know – typically these sectors are non-cyclical. As we move through the cycle, we may look to move into other sectors but that still wouldn’t be for another year or so.


3. In 2016, RMDL conducted an IPO. What have been the most significant changes within the business since going public?


I think the most significant change is purely the market awareness that there is of our business now that we’re regularly featured and written about in the press.


4. Who is a typical RMDL Fund investor?


I wouldn’t say that there is one! We have a spread of investors from the smallest retail investor to the very largest institutional investor and the whole spectrum in between! The return profile we are targeting appeals to such a broad range of investors.


5. What would you say your USP is?


As a manager, our USP is that we focus on the alternative credit space. RM Funds will deliver a number of strategies over time to deliver product to investors who are seeking bond-like income returns away from traditional fixed-income investments. Our staff are also what make us unique – we really have an exceptional team that are all working with a common goal to protect investors capital and deliver the returns we seek.


6. Many fast-growth SMEs struggle to secure debt finance – a challenge that both RMDL and OakNorth are trying to address. Why did you also choose to focus on these types of businesses?


Really our focus is working with exceptional management teams, finding opportunities to lend where we have physical assets of either plant and machinery, or property to lend against. These types of investment opportunities can be found in the SME space as well as the mid-market space. It’s about leaving no stone unturned as we seek exceptional investment opportunities.


7. What has been the game-changing moment in your career so far?


Launching the IPO for RMDL – it was the culmination of many years work and has enabled our team to take the business to the next level.


8. What has been biggest challenge you have faced?


Raising the capital for the IPO and delivering the message around exactly what our investment strategy is to a market that was not familiar with what we were trying to achieve.


9. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?


The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.


10. Finally, a bit of fun – please can you tell us your favourite app, book and holiday destination?


App – NOAA radar – being a classic Brit and boring as this in app to monitor the weather

Book – The Fruit Palace – a slightly unbelievable true story

Holiday – Ibiza every time – a quiet beach in the northern part of the island, rather than the San Antonio area