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Climate change is a grave global issue that impacts us all – our employees, customers, partners and suppliers – weather patterns are changing, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather events are becoming more common.

That is why we place environmental and social consideration at the heart of our business model. We do not lend to businesses that are in engaged in oil or gas production or mining. We lend primarily to new housing and new growth trading businesses that tend to be more technologically advanced and aim to meet or exceed the applicable energy efficiency standards.

Becoming one of the first banks globally to be net carbon zero

Since 2019 we have been net carbon zero through offsetting our Scope 1 (estimated direct emissions) and Scope 2 (electricity-generated indirect emissions related to suppliers of our IT infrastructure) emissions. We continue working with our clients on addressing Scope 3 (the impact of emissions from our clients and all other indirect emissions), and are delighted that already more than 35% of our borrowers are taking proactive steps to conduct their business in an energy efficient way.

Our future commitments

We’re committed to setting a net zero target by Dec 31, 2021 and have appointed a member of our executive team to be responsible and accountable for our net zero target.

As part of our net zero commitment, we will aim to:

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    Set a target date by Dec 31, 2021 to measure all our global organisation’s emissions, including scope 3, and report them publicly each year

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    Continue to be net carbon zero for scope 1 and 2 emissions

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    Communicate our climate commitments in other meaningful ways, including to our customers

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    Report our progress to our Board annually, and on our website