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We validate the identity of applicants to help prevent unauthorised access to your account, identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. To carry out our identity checks, we need personal details (name and date of birth) and residential addresses for all applicants. To contact applicants about the account or the identity validation process, we also need their contact details (email address and phone number). Applicants are:

  • Directors (for Limited Companies) or Designated Members (for LLPs). We’ll try to load some of their details from Companies House, so please make sure the information registered with Companies House is up to date.
  • Significant Shareholders owning 25% or more of the business.
  • Other Users you want to grant access to the account.

As part of the online application, you will be asked to provide the name, date of birth, residential addresses, phone number and email address for all applicants, so please make sure you have these before you start.